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i have had a 29g tank running for a good 2 months now and have a marron gold stripped clown, a red reef lobster (5" long), a coral banded shrimp, a chocolate chip starfish, a XL red african starfish, and a snowflake eel (6" long) i was told that my bioload is too much for my tank and i need to get rid of everything but the shrimp and the clown. is this true or was the person lying???
Well That is alot for a 29, but I wouldnt say get rid of everything. But as long as your water is testing ok and you keep up water changes it shouldnt be to bad, but why so much after only 2 months? Ive had mine going for a week lol and havent even added salt yet.
The eel is going to a little to much for that size tank and will probley eat or try to eat the shrimp,lobster,and maybe the clown if it small enough.Also the starfish are going have to compete for there food so I chose 1 of them.I guess my sugestion would to remove the eel and 1 of the starfish or both starfishes for now till the tank can support them better.here is good compatability chart.
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well when i started i mixed the salt and the water before putting it in the tank, then i bought 16.5 pounds of cured live rock adn then when my levels were ok i put a black molly in there for about a month then added the inverts and fish about 2 weeks ago and the eel hasnt bothered anything he is too small to right now he's only as big around as a pencil (little one) and the starfish havent seemed different so i dont know wht i'm gonna do
Please go ahead and get rid of the starfish. The Chocolate Chip might be OK, but you have to spot feed it. The eel will be fine but he will eventually need to be removed as well. Of course this is just my :twocents: .

BTW - That is a faily large bio-load for just two months. Please slow down a little and keep an eye on ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. I am speaking from experience.
This must be the new tank syndrom i was told about lol. While all these things may get along now. In a few montsh if they all live, its going to be a huge issue. That eel isnt going to stay small long.
Slow down turbo :shock: I will agree with everyone >>>TO MUCH BIO-LOAD<<< :shock: After your tank matures, so will your eel aggressiveness and due to competing for its food it will attack tank mates. Yes to your question.........You should have cycled your tank first and then added a small cleaning crew, snails, shrimp, etc. After a couple of weeks you should add your Clown and continue to monitoring water. These are my :twocents: Good luck with your tank and the best way to increase your knowledge is to read the "Helpful Article" or read books and ask plenty of questions....................... :mrgreen:
if it helps i sold both the starfish casue i needed money and i am tryin to sell the eel but with the starfish gone i got a Kaudern's Cardinal fish from my dads tank
Good for you. Now take it slow and I am sure you will have a great tank.
i am trying hard to get rid of the eel but no one will buy it and i ordered a 1X65 watt 50/50 PC that the LFS garunteed would grow coral in my tank (once i got some of course) then i also purchased a DIY moonlight kit and put it together but does anyone want an eel