I Got Nothin' But Poop to talk about today! ID PLEASE!



Does this Look Like your Tank?


One of the Most Common Questions we get is about Nasty Nuisance Algae & How to get rid of it

Funny enough - it is all about PooP

Without the Right balance of exporters to the Number of Poopers You will have NASTY algae

It is all to do with Mouth Size.

Fish have Big Mouths = Big Poops
Stars & Shrimp smaller mouths = smaller Poops
Crabs - even smaller = even smaller poops
Pods Have little Mouths = Little Tiny Poops
Bacteria Living in Rock / Substrate
smallest of all mouths!!

You want the animals that will "Clean Up" after each other - and Pods are your best friends in that area - they will eat the POOP

The Less Poop You have - the Less Nasty Algae you Have!!

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