I found out all about stray voltage today!


I used to have lizards
While beginning to suck out flatworms, I stuck my bare hand in the tank and immediately felt a shock on the tip of one of my fingers. Freaking out, I immediately unplugged everything and tested the water again with the same finger, it shocked a bit, but the more I touched the water the more it went away. I then realized I had a cut on that finger (forgot all about it) and thought maybe it was just salt in the wound. I plugged everything back in and tested again with the cut finger - and got a small shock. Using any other finger I couldn't detect anything.

Long story short, I've got stray voltage! I've probably had it for quite some time but I only was able to detect it when the rare opportunity came up that I wasn't using my gloves and had a small cut. I'll be getting a voltage tester soon to see if I can isolate any piece of equipment as well as a ground probe. For the time being, I made one out of kitchen tongs and speaker wire which so far is working well. I feel quite bad for all my inhabitants which I've been slowly shocking over the past few months!

Hopefully this can be a lesson to everyone who doesn't have a ground probe to get one or at the very least test for stray voltage!
I've currently got the tongs in the tank with the copper wire attached to that - no copper in the tank. :D I'm going to see if the LFS has a ground probe tomorrow.
ha ha i found out the same way,i luckly have a ground probe,although i still wonder if voltage would still show up on a voltage tester with a probe in the water