I found one, I found one!!!


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So, it has been several months of begging and pleading on my part from my LFS to bring in a radiata lionfish and one came in on Monday. I just got back from hauling water and saw him in the store. I put my own name next to it being marked as sold. Now, I have to wait patiently to see if he will eat (he is not eating yet). I hope to have him added next week...YAY

awesome! going in the 125?

yup. he will be my last fish for the 125 (almost bit on a BEAUTIFUL powder blue tang today, but, I have a Sohal and that would not be a pretty fight). His color is spectacular and no signs of illness. He is in QT for me and he is not taking krill....yet.

Yote, I imagine a damsel would trigger the feeding response, but I am interested in his eating krill and silversides, not fish...although, there is that chance he might take out the keyhole angel.....hmmmmm. might be worth that price...

Anyway, he looks just like the pic in the fish bible (pocket experts marine fishes). When I get him in, I will post LOTS of pics. they are in the top 5 of all favorite fish.

I was thinking of doing a 6th angelfish (flame angel), but the radiata is SOOOOOO much better. I am so excited.

I am interested in his eating krill

plenty of pics when ya get it Doc...

Lionfihs, I am literally pacing I am so excited I finally found another one. I was DEVISTATED when the f*%king purple tang killed my other one. they are tough to get to eat. I got lucky with the last one and I hope I can get this one to do it as well. I have a few tricks up my sleeve and I may just bite the bullet and get it tomorrow. who am I kidding... of course I will buy it tomorrow, DURH....I am almost as impatient as Alexander

This thread would of been more interesting if you actually had the lionfish and took pictures of it.

grumpy, woke up on the wrong side of the cage this morning? sheesh!!! I will pick him up tomorrow and I will post him on my build thread. I was excited to share my find!!!

HAHAHAHA. you guys are classic. worry not, I did not forget. I had him held at the LFS and he is doing great. I picked him up ten minutes ago and he is SO BRILLIANT, holy :pooh:. I am still in shock I actually found one. I seriously have been looking for a healthy specimen for almost a year.

I am taking pics as we speak and will have them uploaded on my 125 build thread in about 30 minutes as he is still acclimating in the bag