How to safely remove lots of tiny red flatworms?


Reefing newb
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Can someone recommend a safe way to remove tons of tiny red flatworms? I have the flatworm exit but I hate to put poison in my tank! I've removed at least 50% of them with water change using small tube for suction but they keep coming back. I've purchased yellow coris wrasse which I thought may eat them but not working. Any natural remedies to remove these pests please?

Shane Draper
Six line wrasses eat these also :)
Supposedly flatworm exit is reef safe. Do you have a lot of sensitive creatures? Tangs, 'nems? Have a lot of water ready for a water change as when tons of these worms die at once they release toxins.
Good luck and let us know how it goes!
I've done massive water changes after syphoning many of these out with a small suction tube .. then used flatworm exit and changed water again. Yes, I have tangs and nems too so I prefer not to use poison if I can remove them naturally. I've tried 6 line wrasse in the past but don't have one now so thanks for the suggestion.