How to frag tree & zoos


Reefing newb
How do I frag a tree coral? I have a beautiful one and it needs fragging. I looked up videos on youtube but all of could find was how to frag leather corals and i didnt know if it was the same process. Looks like you just slice it off, the put a toothpick through the bottom of the flesh and attach the toothpick to a piece of rock using a rubber band? Is this how?

Is it possible to frag zoos while they are sitll in the tank? I have read that they give off toxins/squirt so i have to use glasses/gloves to protect myself. But this particular rock i cannot take out of the tank. So if i try to cut/scrape some polyps off while theyre in the tank will that harm the other animals/corals?
Frag the tree like you said and use superglue GEL to fix it to a rock or plug. Zoas can squirt, just dont squish them. Use a soft net and run the netting over them then cut the foot and carefully scrape them. Thats what I do.
I just did it! Success! I fragged the tree coral and the zooes both while still inside the tank! THank you all for reassurance on how to go about doing this. I am just starting to get into propagating my own corals as they are starting to grow quickly and well!