How much equipment to you have on your hospital/observation tanks?


Broke Reefer!

Just got a 45g hexagonal tank that I'm going to use as a hospital/observation tank, and maybe also to raise live brine shrimp for feeding once I get my display tank really going. The 45g comes with an HOB filter system (no sump) and I just found a deal on CL for an entry-level protein skimmer for $25 rated to 100g. I'm thinking this is a good deal to add on to my hospital tank, but do I really need it? What equipment do you keep on your hospital tanks?

A true hospital tank should only have a heater, some PVC pipes for hiding, and something for water movement. Adding a skimmer probably wouldnt hurt but you would still need to do frequent water changes.
Plus if you have to medicate, I heard it will make your skimmer useless anyway right?
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