How can you figure out how many fish your system can Handle?


Reefing newb
Is there an equation or is it trial and Error? I have a 2" dotty back, 2" tomato clown, 2.5" orange spotted goby in a 24 gallon nano cube could another fish stay within the system? I have approx 25-30lbs of live rock and a 5 inch sand bed.
The rule of thumb with saltwater is one inch of fish per every 5 gallons.

Of course like any rule based on the size of your skimmer feeding habits, etc thing can swing a little to either side.
Browse the helpful articles also. There are several articles addressing stocking levels and related subjects. each system is different, so just remember to go slow, test your water parameters and if you can keep your nitrates under control you most likely have not overloaded the system yet. good luck keep us posted. oh and remember that if you use any of the various formulas such as inches to gallons, you need to consider the adult size the fish will become not the introduction size. hope this helps. happy fishin.