how can i make my live rock floursish?


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is there supplements u guys reccomend that might help my live rock bloom?
ive been using microvert about 3 times a week and noticed a difference in stuff growing and sprouting out.
is there anything else out there that might help?
maybe like a coral growth supplement?
not quite sure what your looking for.. coraline growth on the rocks or coral growth?
coraline; keep the calcium up and actinic lighting and it will flourish
corals; Kalkwasser is a good additive, Just keep an eye on all your levels when dosing anything, and some spot feeding for what you can feed..
Dont dose anything unless you test for it. Most of the coral foods dont end up being eaten by the corals and just harm your water quality. I would stop using the microvert stuff, that stuff that is popping is most likely algae and will cause you a major headache down the road.
When it comes to live rock maturing, there's no substitute for patience. Make sure you have decent light and your calcium levels are good. I doubt the microvert is doing anything for you -- like Hannah said, there's not much in your tank to eat it, and it will just build up in your water, polluting it.
Ive been using purple up since I set up my tank. Its a calcium supplement that settles on the surface of the rock. It does not seem to raise the calcium level of the water in the tank however. Ive got nice coraline growth faster than I expected, and I like to think the purple up helped.
Not likely, purple up is actually just very finely ground up sand, which is why you see it settling out on the rocks. You are seeing more growth because your water quality and lighting are conducive to its growth.