High nitrates

I keep reading ~ 50ppm for my nitrates even after a water-change and filter replacements. I'm sure it's not this high. Would anyone here be kind enough to test my water so I can have another reading? I used Aq.Pharm. and got 80 ppm!,,used Saliferts and get 50 ppm...I use cheato and it's slow growing so I am pretty sure my nitrates are very low but I want another opinion :D
thanks somebody :D
What are you using for the water you are making water changes with? Tap or purified?
If tap, test your tap water for nitrates, hixson has 20ppm in the tap water.
I use ro/di water. 001 ppm tds :D i read zero nitrates with fresh saltwater. What baffles me is that when I do a 5 gallon water change, it's STILL 50ppm nitrates!
so you removed 10% of 50ppm which should be 5ppm....

Not sure about the accuracy of your test kit, but 5ppm on my nitrate kit would be almost impossible to tell a difference in the color once it gets above 30ppm.

I'm sure you know this already, but i would try rinsing any mechanical filtration off to remove trapped food/waste in the water column and do atleast a 10% WC.

Every other Wednesday I change 25 gallons in my 55 gallon using a continuous WC method. I pump water in at the same time I'm taking it out. Its a little less effective, but over the 30 minutes or so it takes. It makes any shift in salinity, temp, etc less noticible to the creatures in my tank.

Sounds like alot of work, but it is actually quite easy. I just mix the water up in a 30 gallon garbage can let it run for about 30 minute (I know you are suppose to wait a day), then start the process.

I also know most don't, but i choose to vacuum the substrait for the first part of the WC.

Here lately, I've been vacuuming my sand too to get rid of some cyano that won't go away. I blame this on the nitrates and a long light-period. As soon as I get this unit called the ReefKeeper, I'll automate my lights and use only 10 hours a day. Right now, due to the fact I have to cut them on when I leave in the morning and leave them on when I get home (to work on the tank, view it, etc) I have them on between 12 and 16 hours! I know this a long time :(

I figure since I have a DSB, vacuuming the front of my tank won't disrupt it much :D

Every saturday, I take ALL my foam and rinse it in VERY hot water and give it a rinse in RO/DI after that. I replace ALL my floss also at the same time. I use that stuff called 'batting' that you use to fill stuffed-animals, make pillows, etc. Do you think that might be leaching something? It SHOULD be inert material.
What skimmer are you using? my guess is you need to remove more of hte waste before it has time to enter the ammonia/nitrite/nitrate cycle.

Also cyno to the best of my understanding is a bacteria, not an algea. I use to struggle with this very much dimming lights worring about nitrates etc.

I occasionally see some of this from time to time and use a product called chemi-clean to get rid it. It is reef safe as long as you follow the instructions which requires a large water change after the cycle.

They sell it at bermuda for $20 or you can get it off of marine depot for around 7.

You are more than welcome to borrow some from me if you like.

For nitrates you might try some Denitrate by seachem co.I have used it from time to time with good results.I am always fighting nitrates because of my small tank size.I find some good deals on ebay from time to time also.
I would think that would be a good idea, but i would do 25% one day then 25% the next day.

Doing that much all at once with just a couple points in salinity, temp etc all at once could be a big stress to the tank inhabitants.

I wouldn't do more than 30% at any given time.

Read http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2005-10/rhf/index.php a little length but a very very good article on water changes and there benefits.