Hi from South Ga

:beerchug::beerchug:Hello to all and i would like to start by saying AWESOME site and forum! My name is Brandon and i am from Valdosta, Ga. I have been into the hobby for some time now but have had my own tank for a few months now. I have been trolling forums for ALOT longer than that and knew what i was getting into beforehand. I have aquired about 50lbs of LR, 60lbs of LS, A couple damsels and a Niger Trigger, a few stalks of xenia, some yellow polyps and a emerald crap hitch hiker. I have also purchased a Lawn mower blenny, a GBT and a OC clown. As far as a CUC i have "roughly" 20 or so Blue Dwarf Hermits, 4 Mexican Turbos. Lighting is 2x65w 12k PC's and 2x Acentics w/ blue led's. Filtration is EHEIM 2217 canister and Emperor 400. This is just a starting setup and i know its not totally "ideal" but i am uprgrading along the way. I dont have any "knock on wood" horror stories yet, everything has run VERY smooth for me so far. No casualties, no outbreaks, and no personality problems among my troops. I look forward to learning and helping any way i can. Thanks to all active members for such good advice!!
Hello and welcome to the site! Post pics of your setup! It sounds like you've got some nice livestock in the tank already. So we want to see!! :p
thanks for the welcome. i will post a full pic for now as im kinda behind on cleaning duty the past couple days.


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