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Just a reminder to all that the Helpful Articles Forum is strickly for articles. It was not intended for individuals to respond or comment in that forum even though the forum allows you to post replies. If you would like to write an article feel free to do so and post, at that time I will be notified to review the article for content and appropriateness. If all looks ok I will release it to the forum. Thankyou all for your help in keeping the Helpful Articles forum uncluttered with comments. If you must comment please do so in one of the general reef discussion forums.
Just a reminder to all the new members that may not be aware of the saltwater article forum also known as the helpful articles. Although you can post there we ask that you do not post in the article forum unless it is an article. (So why dont we fix it so you cannot post? we want you to be able to post articles of which will be moderated for content and appropiateness.) Thanks to all in advance and welcome to all the new members.
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