Reefing newb
Hello people I've just got my first marine tank I've had tropical and fresh water but we all no it's about the Salt water with the beautiful fish and corals .ive set it all up and my ammonia and nitrite is 0 but my nitrate is 100 .how do I get this down? And how do I get my water tempature down to as it a tad high for my liking.? If anyone could give me a few pointers it would be much help
Doing water changes lowers nitrates. And, take a ziplock baggy, fill it with water, put it in the freezer, and once it's frozen put it in the tank. Once you've reached the desired temp, remove it. Welcome aboard :)
Cool! What kind of test kits are you using? Have you tested the water before adding it to your tank? Are there any inhabitants in the tank? It doesnt look like there is much for flow on the bottom. Directing flow towards the bottom will help keep nasties in the water column so the skimmer can pull them out. Lots and lots of info needed so can you tell us as much as you can about your setup.