Help With Nitrates!

Hey guys,

I am having serious problems with my 55 gallon saltwater tank. No matter how many water changes I do with R/O water, I cannot lower the nitrates. I have 2 protein skimmers, a hang on the back CPR skimmer and a coralife 125 gallon super skimmer in my wet/dry filter. I use carbon and floss as well. The only fish I have in there is a pacific blue tang and a Huma trigger, and a tiger moray eel. I don't overfeed and I feed the eel twice a week a freshwater minnow. What should I do?
How much Live rock do you have? You might also want to consider removing the Bio Balls from the Wet/Dry if they are still in the system.
Check your makeup water for nitrates, if ok and water changes dont do it for you, may be time for a nitrate reactor. in addition to removing the bio balls, you can use a small pump and blow around rocks and crevices before doing your water change. if you have substrait do you have any sand stirrers?. just a few thoughts that might help. good luck keep us posted.