help with my chocolate chip starfish...

:question:how can i know if my starfish is happy....i fed it the way they told me to put on top of the food..he did eat but like for 2 hour he didnt move...and wend i turn the light off he move but wend i turn the light on he moves down...


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What are your paramiters. i.e.
Your starfish looks good. It may just be digesting the food over a long period of time, they don't do very many things fast.

On another subject, do you have corals? because choc. chip starfish AREN'T reef safe.

many stars like a CC will extrude their stomach out around the food and they will digest it outside their body. it will take a long time for it to happen.CC stars are very agressive and will eat other stars and clams,and some times corals
i would get snails and crabs they help to keep the tank clean. and when the tank is older add some more you will want close to 1 per gallon
as for starfish the one you have will be the only one it will kill any others.
as for fish you are going to be limited to 4-5 small fish and for the crabs and snails i would start out with about 10 of each and see how they do
you'll probably have to continually stock your CUC because the star will eat the crabs and snails, thats one of the main problems we have with stars at the aquarium, they will suck the living daylights out of em.

there aren't any other stars you can put in with that guy, he'd eat them... i'm not sure that you could get another CC, there are other colors of them, but i'm not 100% sure if you can get 2 CCs.... he looks good :) just don't ever expose him to the air, they are very touchy and if they hit the air the start to get sick, the are a lil different than the west coast seastars that can be outta water....

also, if you see him upside down for more than a few hours, you'll need to help him over. they can get stuck upside down and die. thats what happened to my sisters
You wont have to worry about actually feeding it.Especially if you have live rock.It'll eat anything it can crawl over.
i'd offer it a piece of fish/squid/mussle once or twice a week... they don't eat all that much and they have to basically barf out their stomach to eat anything, they are pretty self sufficent tho