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So I have a Maxi-Jet 5500 1,385gph Pump for my 75G, I know that’s a lot of flow, & that’s why I want to make a manifold so I can feed my two reactors from the Maxi-Jet 5500, so instead of having 3 pumps I’ll have just one. On the Maxi-Jet 5500 you can use a 1in hose / barb or ¾, Right now the pump is connected to a 1in hose and it looks like I’m getting the max flow from this pump, my question is do I need to make the manifold with 1in parts / fittings? Yesterday I made a manifold with all ¾ parts, can I use that, or if I will I restrict the flow because of the ¾ parts?
In the picture the 2 larger barbs are ¾ & the 3 smaller barbs ½ for the reactors.
First time making a manifold

My tank is NOT reef ready


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