Help! Something is wrong with my Anemone

I am stuck with my Anemone and going to attempt to muscle him through a highly maintained tank so that he stays comfortable. he seems to be doing great as I have purchased some really nice coraline live rock from a guy, to give the tank stability. I also am changing out the water weekly. He started eating mysis shrimp twice a week which is great! here are some pics of the tank updated, still working on getting a protein skimmer and refugium in

He has more room than it look like in the pictures



How much water are you changing out? Not sure if it'd be better or worse in your circumstance..but when my nitrates were elevated I'd do daily water changes...maybe doing it twice a week or three times a week would keep your water'd just have to make sure salinity was exact and temp too so there's not some big change happening there.

Those were 10-20% water changes btw. On your 30g depending on where you have stuff laid out you could change way more than I could in my tall tank.
Everyone's got you covered, and it seems like you've made your newbie mistake, and that you're at least trying to learn from it. You'll do fine in the hobby if, like Erin said, take everything you learn with a grain of salt until you do more research. We don't have anything to gain from you by giving you advice. The LFS, however, gets your money :mrgreen: So you decide who's got your (and your livestock's) best interest at heart. At the end of the day, they are a business and need to make money, whether it's fair or not. I never make a purchase Unless I know at least basic information about what I'm buy so I can at least call bullshit if they try to give me wrong info.

That said, just be careful, because a dying/dead anemone releases toxins that are fatal to your livestock. It's admirable that you want to try to save it, but just have lots and lots and lots of saltwater ready to do massive water changes.
i will add i dont think you have enough light in you tank for that nem i have 216w 4 bulb light and have been told that i dont have enough light for a nen take there advice and get it out or you could loose everything in you tank and thats not something you want

Who the heck told you that. that light should be fine for an anemone...
Yeah I dont think it was the light, it was a matter of Nitrates forming over night, Def need a larger volume tank for these guys to keep the level down. Thats what I determined
How many first time tank buyers immediately want a much larger tank haha? less than a couple weeks after I got the 30 gallon breeder I wanted a much larger one
the light was pointed at me and as far as wanting a bigger tank i didnt even have mine cycled yet and wanted bigger (300 gal bigger) lol
How many first time tank buyers immediately want a much larger tank haha? less than a couple weeks after I got the 30 gallon breeder I wanted a much larger one

Before I even finished setting up the my 45g, hubby and I already wanted a naturally, a year later, we got a 125g :mrgreen:
I got a 55 in September last year. We bought a 350 a few months back and are planning our living room re-model around it!
A video in my tank I made a while ago
[ame=]Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral in time lapse 24X SPEED - YouTube[/ame]
Awesome! I love the Leather nestled amidst all those Zoas!
Oh, and Cage the Elephant is great coral music. lol