Reefing newb
I just got a green bta at the beginning of this week, fed it shrimp seemed to be happy and open got along with my Cardinal nicely. Ever since lunch time today it's been closed and shrunk, it detached from the rock it was on and I am seriously worried I went to the nearest fish store and they told me to try putting in iodine as this is my first anemone. I've never seen it so small someone please help.

here are some pictures of it
What are your parameters? What kind of light do you have?
Try gently placing it in another location. Massage the foot onto a rock until it sticks there. See if it's sticky or not when you handle it. Sticky means healthy.
@Big K thank you for the response, after moving the anemone to a hospital tank it felt much better, unfortunately I woke up to discover it had walked into the filter and shredded itself/:
I have my first anemone. It came with a white crab. I move d it to the front of the tank but the crab did not follow. Does it need the crab? Do I need to get another and will it move again to another location? Thank you.