Help! Accidentally overdosed calc (the calc part of the ESV 2 part)

Captain Ron

Reefing newb
I noticed tonight that my timer was stuck on and overdosed calc into my 37 gallon reef tank. I estimate about 10oz of ESV calc solution ended up being added.

I last measured Calc and Alk 2 days ago and they were 9.7 (before I added about 1/2 tsp of baking soda to raise it) and 400 for the calc. My pH wasn't measured but is usually about 7.9/8.0

Today I measured Alk at 10.2 dkH and Calc was out of bounds (I use salifert. so I kept adding until titration, assuming that was correct to do I estimate my Calc at 630.) My pH was measured at about 7.85 (hard for me to read the colors) and Mag was out of bounds but I only had to add a little more solution to estimate Mag at 1590.

I read Randy's article:

Should I just try and add about a tsp of baking soda to the tank to raise dkH, should I do nothing, try a water change tomorrow (I have nothing handy so would need to mix salt overnight). And if a water change, how much?

Hard to know how the corals are doing since lights are off. My acans looked okay before lights off, candycane looks okay, and the pink stylophora has all polps retracted.

Many thanks for any advice.

-Captain Ron
I wouldn't do anything, and I definitely would not try to raise alkalinity any more. Even tho the calcium is higher than you noramlly keep it, some salts have calcium almost that high out of the box. Just let it drop on it's own and keep with your normal water change routine. Obviously you won't be needing to do any dosing until your levels drop.
Thank you for the advice. Its been 1 day and my corals look fine. I figured Alk swings were worse so I had the Alk doser on the Neptune Apex and the Calc on a cheap timer (ran out of outlets. probably going to pony up for an EB8 now). I did add a little baking soda water yesterday. I just measured my Alk and Calc just now and they are: 10.2 and 600 so wait it out it is.