Reefing newb
Hello everyone,

I just started a 10 gallon saltwater aquarium last week (I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a big tank since I'm not even sure I can do this). Currently it is cycling with some live rock. I was just going to start out with a couple of fish, but after speaking with some people I may try a reef tank. I know it's a little more work then a fish only, but I also know there are some nice "beginner" corals that would work nice for such a small aquarium. Any advice for a beginner would be appreciated...thanks. Oh yeah...I'm already wishing I had a bigger tank...

Hello and Welcome!

With a small tank like that you are limited to one fish, at most two clown fish.

There are many, many many easy corals that will do well in your tank. Mushrooms, leathers, zoas are just a few. As long as you have the light for them, you should be more than fine.
Welcome to the site...you can do some awesome things with a small tank, and you found the right place to learn...I think some corals are easier than keeping fish, all you need is live rock, the right light, good flow and a decent protien skimmer...just ask questions, the folks here are great...:Cheers:
howdy and welcome to the site...:D
the bigger tank will come soon( you just wont be able to help yourself)..
some good light a small powerhead and keeping up on waterchanges and you will find it come along nicely.. I agree one fish some corals and a shrimp or two would be a nice combo in your tank.. good luck..