Having a semi major issue


Reefing newb
I may have f@cked up. My work tank has been doing awesome. 7 corals, numerous fish, and plenty of inverts. My latest coral added was a green star polyp. After two weeks it never bloomed (the only coral not to do so). My LFS by work suggested that my phosphates were too high and sold me a liquid remover. I added 2ml and within 5 hours it killed my tang and some of the other fish seem to be gasping for air. Im at a loss. Im home and on vacation now and wont be back to work for a week. I suggested a co-worker to do a water change but Im not sure what else to do. Im kinda pissed at myself for not googling liquid removers first and more pissed that my LFS said it was totally reef safe and didnt give me the heads up. Any suggestions how to get the tank back in order?
What are the other parameter readings particularly Ammonia & Nitrites. Large water changes and increase surface break with wave makers. to add oxygen would be a good start.
Fine for LFS to say phosphates too high, but what was actual number, often they will tell you something just to make a sale !!
i would do a vacuum of the bottom. any thing i have read said that the liquid removers bond to the phosphate and sink to the bottom or get removed by the skimmer. vacuuming may help remove it. also i would do a couple large waterchanges and put in fresh charcoal and rinse real well or change your filter media. isnt it funny how shit always happens when your not there to fix it
I had my co-workers do a small water change and told them to do another tomorrow morning. So far both tangs and the foxface are DOA. I was told after the water change the clowns and cardinals seem to be better. Im worried about the anemones, corals, starfish and shrimp. I tried to be optimisitc and said its a learning tool and well will make the tank better but it still sucks majorly. BTW my water was perfect prior to adding the stuff. My only problem was that it was a work tank and the kit i had there didnt test phosphates so like a dope I took the guys word for it. Live and learn I guess...
One thing I learnt very early on in this hobby ( by making mistakes. ) was NEVER put anything into your tank you can't test for yourself. ! What was the product please. ?
I wont know until tomorrow the name. It was a liquid phosphate/nitrate remover and it was 30 bucks. I added half the recommended amount at 4pm.I left work t 615pm and everything was A-ok. I got a call at 10pm that my tank is dying. Im annoyed and my stupidity. That tank was gorgious in my humble, newbie opinion.
Don't beat yourself up. ... happens to the best of us. But definitely +1 lesely... never addb things you can't test.

I would test your tank and new water for phosphates. Ifb you ate doing water changes worth water that already had phosohates, you are simply adding them back in.

Hope you can check the tank soon. One week is s long time for a tank in trouble.
take heart, just think of all the new fish you can now try that wouldnt fit in there before. ps. you are not the only one to learn the hard way
Just an update. I went back to work and did two seperate 30% water changes. I also purchased a new filter (wanted a different one anyway). Four of my corals survived as did the snails and crabs. Three days ago I put in a Chromis (after testing the water obviously) and he is still very much alive and not even hiding anymore. Tomorrow I plan on adding a emerald crab and some type of goby (dont want to overload the system). I loved that tank but Im chalking this up to a learning experience and Ill make the "new" tank better then ever...
speaking from experience as i have had 2 tank crashes, lessons learned means each time this happens [hopefully never again] your tank will be better and more functional
Since the re-up Ive added two clowns, shrimps, and two scooter blennies...all doing awesome...guess Ill live and learn regarding adding unknown supplements...
So the tank is doing super. Its fully stocked and added two more tangs today. I was against adding the clown tang since the tank is too small but if it lives until i get back to work in 3 days I might exchange it for a hippo (its 4-5 inches long in a 55 gallon). The Brown tank is beautiful and doing fine though. After I add a jawfish Im done and itll be there to enjoy and not touch....
You have 3 Tangs in a 55g? You my friend are fricken insane, not including the rest of the of the bioload.
I wouldn't brag how many fish you can shove into a system, you are they type I try to prevent.

Your lfs sees a sucker walking in and money in their pocket.
The other two are small (about 3-4 inches). I was under the impression that small tangs in a group of 3 was fine. The tanks clean since I do water changes every 10 days. Should I return two of them?
I do not know where you would get the impression about 3 tangs.

The only one that will do ok in that system is the yellow tang.

5 small fish in that system is it. That doesn't mean a 'small tang'.

The object is to keep the fish for its life, not to continue to return fish one you may like better or until it gets bigger.

sometimes fish personalities don't work with the community, and that is when you get rid of them.

Should you return the tangs.... YES.
Should you exchange it for another fish...NO
I based the 3 tang thing off of the lfs and a few people I know who've had salt. I was always told to keep 1 fish for approximately 10 gallons. Since the non tangs are rather small I figured 7 in a 55 wouldn't be an over stretch. I've been doing salt for just under a year so I'm in no way an expert. I appreciate the advice.