Happy new year!!


Reefing newb
A friend of mine is wanting to ring in the new year with new fish. He has looked around the internet for the best price and came acrossed reefhotspot.com. Anybody ever order from them? What would be your opion to the best place to order from? He is not looking to get anything to rare a YT, flame angel and a royal gamma. So anybody with fish to sell should have these. He is mostly looking for a good price with good customer service. BTW a flame angel alone by us goes for around $80, so that is why he is going online.
my 75 gal tank has been redone with a wet/dry sump, cpr overflow, ro system, lunar compact flor light, tanks been going for almost 3 years now have 100lbs of live rock and plenty of sand and a solid clean up crew... when i re did my tank i got rid of my fish. looking to get it going again here are my ideas. im looking to stay away from the meat eaters looking to stay more reef safe

right now i have 2 ocllaris clowns

thinking about not all of them to many for my tank just looking at my options
flame angel
yellow tang
Auriga Butterflyfish
royal gamma or purple queen anthias
six line Wrasse

here is an email from him to what he has got going on. Thanks
I haven't heard much about reefhotspot but, liveaquaria has great live stock, good prices, and very good customer service. You can go wrong with them.
As far as what he's looking at, flame angels can be 50/50 when it comes to nipping at corals, and I think the only reef safe butterfly is the pyramid butterfly. So if he's looking at having a reef he should remember that. Other then that, his choices look good.
andersoned14 I have ordered from reefhotspot multiple times. For the most part I've been happy, but I think liveaquaria all in all is better. Better quality and larger corals.