Hanna Checker and Milwaukee pH600 pH Meter Pen


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Just got them both.

The Hanna is a sinch. I just fill up both bottle with tank water, add the 1ML of solution.

I zero the meter with the tank water and then slap in the one with the solution for a quick and easy ALK reading.

Yes you have to convert the PPM to dkH but so what, make the online converter a favorite on your laptop or ipad or whatever you use and check it.

The ph600 take 3 minutes to calibrate and 5 seconds to check the tank PH.

I only wonder if I have to calibrate it every time I check the PH.

I checked it the first day after calibrating it, then after I dosed for Alk I waited till the next day and checked the PH and it was up a whole point.

So I opened up another PH solution and it was reading wrong so I calibrated it again and found that it did go up .3 but my point is that I will check it only weekly because those solutions as far as I know are only a one time checker and then you have to throw them out. I got 10 of them, well now 8.

I also got the 10.01 checkers as well but should have got 20 of the 7.01.

Overall these things make checking way faster but I will always use my Saliferts once every 2 weeks to keep my meters in check.