Got a sea horse!!!


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Well I finally got a seahorse! Only problem is he shows no interests in my mysis, brine, and even live brine I bought. He eats coepods and amphipods all day long but wont eat my food. He is a tank raised and he was eating mysis when he left the store. Hopefully he will start soon. He could still be adjusting. Are coepods and amphipods enough for him to survive on? He has ate alot of them today just nothing I tried to give him. This is the coolest fish I have ever got. Going to get him a mate soon so he doesn't feel alone.

That is awesome! I wish I could put one in my tank, but I think my fish would be too aggressive with it. Sorry I can't help with your questioins but I had to comment, good luck with it.
It will quickly exhaust the supply of live food in your tank. If it continues to refuse prepared food, you'll have to keep a supply of live pods on hand for it.
My tank is infested with pods so I think it would take a while to knock a dent in it but I will buy live copods just for insurance. Does anybody know if a cleaner shrimp will hurt a seahorse? He keeps trying to clean the seahorse I just didn't know if their skin was too sensitive or something.
No, a cleaner shrimp won't do any harm. If you have other fish in the tank, they may be keeping the seahorse from eating (which is why seahorses are usually kept separate in their own tanks). They are very slow, shy eaters. It may help to turn off the pumps or powerheads when you feed.
Yeah actually he is in the 75 by his self. I plan on adding about 9 more and hope they breed. I think its cool how they lock tails and swim together all day long with each other.
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Salty are you doing a seahorse only tank(no fishes) if that is the case they have needs for lower temps. Without them it drastically reduces their immune system. I wish you the best of luck, Id like to do a seahorse only tank in the future. Dont forget to add some macro for them to attach to, and keep flow rates lower.
I got a kellogii which they can be kept in more higher temps like up to 78-80. Alot of other horses have to be in cold waters to survive thats why I went with a kellogii. Suppose to be one of the most hardy horses. They are the cheaper ones to buy too so thats why I thought I would try and see how it goes. Yeah im doing a seahorse only tank but have another tank for all the fishes