Good crab, bad crab? and some basic coral help!


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SO i was vaccuming out my tank today for my cleaning and move (i upgraded tank sizes! :D lots of algae is grown but levels are staying good :) just another cycle) and this little green crab pop out and jumped onto my arm... i netted him and took him out and want to know what kind of crab he is and if hes okay to stick back in there or does he need to go?

and my six line seems to be picking at my blue daisy colony, they were doing great and i moved them up a bit for better viewing and they were all open but i noticed yesterday that my sixline seems to be picking at them and they are now all closed up and some look like they are off the rock :shock: I don't know if hes eating them or going after the copes? hes about 2 inches long so hes bigger than the rest of my fish but i'm not sure if hes the culprit or not...

also, anyone know anything about cowrie snails? a guy at the LFS was bringing him in for credit and the store wouldnt take him so he asked if I'd take him since he had too many... and I did. lol. he seems to be doing really well and is cleaning up my algae but i just wanted to see if anyone had any imput?


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a good way to tell if a crab is bad or good is if the pincers are sharp its bad if they are kind of cupped then they are good
That crap is to big and i had a problem with one of those and it started eating my fish so i had to get rid of him. I dont know if it was exactly the one you have but it was big.
okay, mine is about an inch across his legs... not super big, i know there are 2 more in the tank, i see them eating at night on the stuff that collects on the bottom