Give Some Get Some & a Crab To Cheer for has the best holiday critters this season:

The infamous Pom Pom crab aka Boxing Crab the cutest guy around is making the news again at a price you can not resist - Only $13.99
The Pom Pom Crab aka Boxing Crab is a small crab typically no larger than a quarter. Its body is white and tan with darker areas which provide a camouflage affect.
The crab utilizes a small anemone in both front claws which serve as a form of protection. It also called the boxing crab as it will box with the anemones if attacked since the anemones have the ability to sting. The crab can be seen in the moonlight swaying the anemones side to side collecting food for itself and the anemone. This is a very unique symbiotic relationship.
As with all crabs, meaty foods should be provided regularly.
Halloween Crabs - so colorful - a nice addition to any tank!! Only $9.99 - limited quantities.

So many saltwater angelfish on sale - Just in time for the holidays!!

Duncanops Corals aka Duncan Coral (Duncanopsammia axifuga)- from Australia - priced to impressed- 2 heads ONLY $19.99

Antenna High Fin Goby - Hi Fin Goby - a great addition and pairs well with the Candi Stripe Pistol Shrimp - Randalls Pistol Shrimp. Priced to sell at Only $19.99 is making the holidays so much easier - get Gift Cards customizable with greetings and Get something for your self as well!!