Geting new Corals today!!!

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OK, so I wet a little crazy on ebay lately...

Got a Goniopora for my wife and to help justify the shipping cost got a few other things from the same seller. I thought I'd share.

The Goni:


Some nice Phoenix Zoas:


Blow Pop Zoas:


and a Pocillopora


They should be arriving this morning! :bounce:

Any advice on placement or care for these would be greatly appreciated.
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That's a very small frag of goniopora - I've only seen them in colonies. Its an great coloration fairly uncommon. They are fairly light adaptable (as long as its not really strong). You do have to feed it planktonic foods to sustain it even though they are photosynthetic.

The pocillopora is a easy SPS. Need strong (but not intense) light but its fairly adaptable. Probably safer to light acclimate it. Typical SPS care (good water quality, moderate to strong flow) but its not as demanding.
Well I've got everything acclimated and hanging out on my sandbed. The Goni is looking strawberry-like but not open yet, the Pocillopora has some polyps out but is very pale pink. both Zoas are mostly closed but have their centers peeking out.

How long should I keep my lights down so they aren't shocked?

While we're waiting for pics of the new are some shots of some new inverts I've recently gotten!

Jack White:

Tube work colony ($9 at Petco!)

Our Sexy Anemone Shrimp AKA Mae West

as long as you don't have 400W mh or crazy intense LED/T5's you can put the frags in the lower portions of your tank w/o really adjusting your lighting schedule. move them up slowly after a week or so. The zoa - as long as its not in intense light - you can put those where you want.