FS: frags of SPS, LPS, ZOAs (some special/rare goodies!)


Reefing newb
shipping depending on what it is and where you are located will be anywhere from $18 bucks to $50 priority overnight.

i can hold frags for folks who make prepayment only. forgive me if i forget to mention something as this is my first time selling on here.

these photos are of the actual frag (WYSIWYG) but some photos may have been taken not so recently so not all polyps/heads may be shown as indicated in pricing.

chong bongs (6+ polyps): $60!


duncan cora (not my photo): $10/head!

electric green millepora (large frags: at least 1.5" and most multiple branches to small colonies 4-6" large): $35-$95!
mother colony:

frags ready to go!:

vibrant red/neon green blastomussa (1-4 polyps): $12-$45!


green star polyp frags: $15!

eagle eye zoa frags ($1/polyp): $10-20!

neon green branching hammer: $10/head!

nuclear death palys (11+ polyps): $82!

wwc jack-o-killer leptoseris: $92!

radioactive dragon eye zoa frag (18+ polyps): $21!

jason fox japanese porites: $74!

thanks for looking - let me know via PM if interested in any combo packs and i'll see what i can do on pricing. hope to spread some of these awesome pieces around!
just remember you setting up your tank, monki! everything looks beautiful! looking forward to buying when i get my nanocube set up
Very nice WWC coral ya got there.
thank you, sir!

just remember you setting up your tank, monki! everything looks beautiful! looking forward to buying when i get my nanocube set up
i know! i've been on a journey for sure and thanks to all you folks i saw the light a few years ago and get to really enjoy my tank and all the neato pieces i can keep!

What is the size on this piece?

wwc jack-o-killer leptoseris
it's about .75 - 1"
How much would overall be to ship one Hammer and one Green Star to 06457?

pm me info/price.

to be honest, unless you're getting other items from my list that are harder to come by i wouldn't waste your money on shipping just those two frags. it'd be around 40 bucks overnight. if you want to change two-day, it obviously be much cheaper. thanks for your interest, regardless!
for some reason i can't edit my original post :(

so i can't add these beautiful chalices also for sale!

screemsicle chalice: $42!

WWC kingpin chalice: $90!

sun-drop chalice: $80!

snaggelpuss chalice: $42!