Frozen fish food as a source of Ich


Reef enthusiast
It seems entirely possible to me that Ich can come from frozen foods. Parasites can survive freezing, right? I noticed some makers of frozen fish foods advertise that they gamma irradiate the food to kill parasites.
That seems a little unlikely to me but i see how it could be possible...Good point! I wouldnt mind knowing more about this...
it is pretty celar to me that when fish are super stressed from the move they get ick. My midas blenny went from a yellow to a blotchy brown during the travel from my lfs to my house and he got some ick but got over it because he ate well. None of my other fish seemed stressed at all and never got anything.
i dont think that is a possibility, it probably says that to mean other parasites from the ocean or parasites that the food might have coming out of the ocean
Ich is a parasite that cannot survive without a host. If your fish get Ich after being fine for a long period of time then you can suppose that some recently introduced food(?), fish, invert, sand, etc. brought the parasite in.