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I bought a frogspawn frag online. I put it in the tank about mid-level under medium flow. Within 12 hours, the polyps came out a fair bit. For about 3 days it seemed to do well. One morning I noticed the polyps were not out, but there was a cloudy white balloon coming out of it. Now, It's vanished and nothing is inside. I don't know what I did wrong. Did my critters eat it? I have crabs, snails, tang, firefish, clown, neon goby, sand sifting star, and fighting conch. Anyone have an idea?
Are any of you giving your frogspawns any special care that I don't know about?
I want to try a frogspawn again, but want to make sure it was not my fault it disappeared. Someone frag me!
I think we may need a little more info concerning your water quality. Frogspawns need near perfect water in order to thrive. This means that the ammonia and nitrate levels need to be low to non-existant. Do you test your water? If so, what were the last readings. What type lighting do you have? I have learned from experience that most "critters" won't eat something unless it is dieing.
Good deal and you're welcome. How many watts of PC's are you using? Just let us know water parameters when you get a chance.
PH is 8.4
Alk is on the higher side of normal
Nitrate is at 0
Ammonia is at 0

I have 2- Actinic 65 watt bulbs and 2- 10.000K 65 watt bulbs in my PC.

What do you think?
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if all your parameters are perfect and you are having corals die i would do a water change.

Are you dosing any supplements? if so which ones and how often?

Well pH is a little high maybe your calcium is low. With the water parameters you posted I don't see a problem there. I don't think frogspawns ship very well. Maybe it was declining when you got it. I'd try and get lighting a little more suited for reef tanks. Maybe VHO's unless you have the money to invest in halides, which I think are the best. Frogspawns are going to need more light than you have. I just don't see it dieing that quickly unless it was already.
Iodine, Strontium & Molybdenum, & Liquid Calcium. I added some about a month before I added the Frogspawn. So, It's been about 6 weeks since I have added anything.
tangboy said:
Iodine, Strontium & Molybdenum, & Liquid Calcium. I added some about a month before I added the Frogspawn. So, It's been about 6 weeks since I have added anything.
The rest of my corals are doing great. I only had a problem with the frogspawn.
I'm not sure that I agree on the lighting. I have 2 branching frogspawns and have pc's (2) 50/50 bulbs 65 watts each (55 gal. tank). They have been in my tank for 5 months and are doing fantastic. They are splitting into new heads as well.
Yea I had the same problem a few years ago with my frogspawn.

My problem was my alkalinity. After doing regular water changes everything started doing much better.
same thing happened to me years ago with an elegance coral..the piece u got was not taken care of good or injured while put in your tank and a bacterial infection occoured. that is what the whitish bubble was,hense the coral disapeared and died..happens with bubles,frogspon,hammer,ect. if injured during tranport ect...sometimes takes weeks ,sometimes takes days, but i believe this was the problem and see no reason why you shouldnt try to get another one from another vendor or call the vendor you recieved the piece from and see if they will replace or discount another..good luck