fresh batch of water, red sea coral pro.


Go Big Or Go Home !
So after reading a review on the red sea test kits i decides to go see what the actuall reading where on. Ca. Ph. Kh. Mg. On tje fresh natch of water i have ready for tomorrows water change. The paper says Ca. Should be 450 - 475. MG. 410 PH. 8.2 - 8.4 AND KH. 12.3 or something like that, well it was pretty close. This is what i got.

Ph. 8.4
Kh. 12 to 13
Ca. Was high at about 510
Mg. Was also high closer to 1500

Now i dont really get why my reading on my tank are so difrent. Even the very next day after a water change. My readings.

Ph. 7.9 to 8.0
Kh, 7 - 8
Ca. 460
Mg. 1440

I wish my Ph. And Kh. Where higher lol. O well.

On another note i dird notice a difrence when i swiched to this salt in growth and in coral happiness. They told me. Lol.

So far pretty happy with it my self. Have any of you ised it. Did you like it or not ? If so why.
That's all I have used since starting my tank my test results very similar to yours. My corals seem to be really happy.
hmm, you might have to do a much larger wc to see a large swing, my guess on why it tested so high on calc and mag is that it probably settled when it shipped to you or the store you got it from. stir the salt mix up to reblend it to its normal consistency, then make some water and test it.

To adjust the tank if thats what your readings were, id assume that you had the calc precip off of the water, might want someone else to chime in here, but i know that its possible if certain things happen. The ph of the tank might be a little low, and the amount of water changed isnt going to raise it several points. Try testing your water right before you do your next water change and see if its unusually low and then when you do a wc you can try to correct the problem then.

Im not all to familiar with salts and readings for adjustment so I would definitely seek someone else's knowledge base.
Actually I alwys mix my salt mix before making new water. I alwys por half into another bucket and tumble it around and do the same with whats in the first bucket.

My PH is usually really stable at 7.9 and kh at around 7. Just wish I could get them both up maybe a 8.1 ph and 9 to 10 KH I would love lol. But from what I have ready having it stable is best so I don't really mess with it to much.
Red Sea Coral Pro was the first salt I used, my old LFS got me to switch to Reef Crystals. I didn't see an improvement but I did see a reduction in growth. I switched back to Red Sea Coral Pro now and I see improvement in color and I am hoping I see an improvement in growth as I did before. My LFS got me to switch because rumors were floating that Red Sea was causing red slime out breaks. I'll take my chances of red slime if I can get growth and color from one salt.