Frag Swap Talk?


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Any follow ups from the meeting last week? Lets keep this going or we will be in the same boat again soon.

I spoke with ESTN (Mel) and they would love to co-host if we do late july early august.

Anyone else have anything else?
Frag swap meeting updates:

We discussed moving the event to August 5th. If anyone has another date they prefer, please let us know.

Duties were discussed and divided as follows:

Bryan--visit Fishmania, Aquatic Illusions, and Fish Yip
James--locate newspapers and free advertising (he could use some help on this as it's a big job)
Philana (James' wife)-Raffle tickets and greeter
Christina (James' daughter)-Raffle tickets and greeter
(we need 2 more raffle ticket and greeters)

Raymond-Michaels Aquatics and The Fish Store
Chris Edwards-we nominated you for Bermuda Triangle
Brandon-Fish Paradise and MRC

The purpose of your visits with the LFS is twofold--1) develop an understanding of what the Chattanooga Reefers is all about and that we send them business and 2) offer them free advertising (coupons, flyers, banners) at the frag swap. If they would like to donate an item for the raffle drawing, it is much appreciated. Mainly, develop that relationship first. Last year, we had people come from 5 different states to the swap. Let the LFS stores know that we want those visitors to know where they are and, hopefully, they'll visit them while they're here in Chattanooga. The online stores donated coupons from $25 to $100 last year. Why wouldn't the local stores want to match it?

Timothy--re-work the flyer so that it is easy to read, even when faxed
Angela--marketing (along with Timothy)

Who has relationships with online vendors or distributors? Get a copy of the flyer and ask if they're willing to donate an item. Free advertising for them!

We need to have a Marine Aquarium Setup 101 Class at the swap. This will draw new enthusiasts. We also gain new members at the swap and should develop a good flyer just about our club.

I have contacted the curator of the Tennessee Aquarium and he's agreed to speak on his specialty: Seahorses and Seadragons.

Do we want to have a fragging demonstration again? Who will have time to do it?

Up for discussion: Rename the frag swap to Saltwater Aquarium Expo.
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What's an expo like?

We invite area clubs (East TN, Middle TN, West TN, Alabama, Atlanta, etc.) and individuals to bring frags and/or fish to swap/sell. They setup on tables that we provide. Then it's our job to advertise the heck out of this event to get people in the door. :helm2:

There is no charge for the event, so we must recoup our expenses through raffle ticket sales. Last year, the raffle tickets went for $1.00 each and $5.00 for the frag swap class. We sold over $400.00.

We have guest speakers of interest. :bowdown:

We have fragging demonstrations. :^:

We learn about caring for corals and ask questions of the "experts" on hand. :whoopee!:

We have alot of fun with fellow enthusiasts! :bounce:

The room is at Chattanooga State Community College just off Highway 153 with plenty of up-close parking. :D
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I sent the email to ETRC after we postponed the event Sunday night and the time we had our meeting Thursday. They just responded back to me last night.

They are very interested if the date is later and asked that we let them know what is needed to make the event a success. If they are willing I say we take full advantage of anyone and everyone willing to help, especially if we are going to be having classes, frag demos etc.... we will need as many people helping run the event as possible.

I think we should share with the other clubs to boost interest. ;) I know I missed the meeting, but if it draws more people then we'll make more money anyway.
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Oh sure get the rev mad at me

Preacher getting mad at me sure brings back the memories...

Don't be mad! We discussed some suggested changes and we didn't want to volunteer you in abstentia to redo it after you had already did so much. We were afraid demanding a bunch of changes just to see how it looked a different way would really make you mad!

Since I worked as a Art and Creative Director in advertising for 10 years I volunteered to do a few comps designed specifically to work well for faxing and posting for everyone to look over.

Besides, look on the bright side... if my versions REALLY SUCK we'll have to come crawling back like the ingrateful dogs we are!

I go hide now. :helm2:

Ya no problem, I was just giving you all a hard time. And you having 10 years experience in design should be able to do some killer stuff!! At least I wont have Angela or Brandon bugging me all the time...... Kidding, I love you guys.... :luxlove:

The flyer I created was for hanging up in places. Def. not faxing or printing. I just figured since we had such a rich president that we could do them all in full color! :sfish:

Your the man Timmy! I love ya Bud! :trampolin

PS. I love smilies as well...... :coolgleem
If someone on their side volunteers to do a frag demo or class, then they get the sales from that--agreed.

Timothy already covered the flyer--needs to be faxable (is that a word?) and shorter for sending to radio stations, newspapers, etc. Where's that flyer? Huh? Huh? See what David went through? :D

David--Excellent detail and color in your flyer, my friend.

Now that my mom is settled, I can re-focus my energies. :Cheers:
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Why is everyone trying to kiss up to david? :bowdown: :bowdown:
If you all knew half the stuff he has said to me about each of you, yall wouldnt be kissing up!! :fechten2:
Just kidding!! he really only talks bad about brandon, I think its jealousy?

Anyway, is there any prospective date on a flyer, Ive buttered a few buns locally but need the flyer to seal the deal?
I deleted and changed a couple posts just to keep things a little more politcally correct. The misunderstanding was entirely my fault, so our little spat has been removed.

As far as ETRCs participation I'm working with Angela and Mel to get that nailed down and should have tentative posting as to whom is going to be doing what soon.

I have proposed to Mel at ETRC that they do the fragging demo and handle everything needed for it and they would get the proceeds from that and we would focus on raffles, donation, speakers, etc and would keep the proceeds from the raffles.

Just want to get all that squared away up front. I will keep everyone posted on this as we go. If you have any issues with this please PM me you suggestions/concerns.

Man I can tell right now we need to rent a blow up boxing ring and some of those huge 20 pound boxing gloves for march's meeting. :^: :^: :fechten2:

Wait everyone in the club is bigger than me.... ok so maybe not...

Anyone want to place odds on all my corals having frags missing when i get back?

Oooh, Ooooh, I want to get in on this bet! 100 to 1 says you do! :mrgreen:

Hey Brian we still going to meet at Brandons and take a look at my new dremel in action?? :bounce: :^: :helm2:
rev, you better bring some extra blades cause its gonna be a long night.
by the way whos gonna help brandon with the tank till his cast comes off, cause you know a frail little man like brandon is gonna get hurt :kruecken: