Found a bowfront aquarium curbed today!


Earlier tonight I was making a run to the store near my new spot and spotted on the curb:
-46 Gallon bow front aquarium
-Single tube T8 30watt bulb fixture (power cord was cut though)

Two Questions:
1. What sorts of corals would I be able to grow under this light? or can I put a t5 bulb into a t8 fixture?

2. Has anyone had to attach a new power cord to the fixture?

Thanks guys.
You won't be able to keep any corals under that light -- it sounds like a typical fish only type lamp. But the tank is a good score (if it's not leaking) and you can always buy a new light for it.
Were they throwing the tank away?

I believe they were because it sunday night is trash night for this block and it was surrounded by furniture being thrown out. To elaborate, this is because the school year has ended and people are beginning to move in and out of houses for the summer. There was also an old used filter and a used filter pad and the tank's honestly looks like crap lol

Guess I gotta get a new fixture then..but at least the 46g (i'm going to leak test it tomorrow) and a canopy.:^: