Float valve bracket/mount help needed


Seahorse Owner
I know there are a lot of DIY custom float valve bracket/mounts out there but none of them are appropriate for my setup. To start my question I need to state that my float valve is veridical not horizontal. My problem is that my tank (10 gal) has no sump. All the mounts I see are made for a sump not the main tank. Since a sump has its water level way below the rim of the sump/tank the mounts that hang on the side of the sump/tank need to go down into the sump/tank to reach the top of the water. My problem is that I want my tank to be full to the point that the water level is above black trim. I will be adding a sump and drilling my tank but until then this is how I want it. All the mounts are to long. Please help me as I need one that will allow my float valve to rest in such a way to let the level of water be above the bracing of the tank so I do not see the top of the water unless I look from the top of the tank with the lid off. Please help and thanks in advance.