Flat worm... Help !!!

Feeding depends on many variables. I feed only half a cube once a week but only have two clowns with tons of pods in the live rock and fuge. So I can get away with that. Each tank is different so I cant tell you what your tank needs.
Here's my weird flatworm story: What I had was definitely flatworms but they were not out of control. Got FlatwormXit and accidentally -way- overdosed the stuff. Did 50% water change. The next day they are still there. Overdosed my tank again with FlatwormXit, did the water change. Did three treatments in all and they are still there !
I talked to somebody knowledgeable and he said many flatworm species are benign meaning they are harmless. A week after the last treatment they are still around but not spreading and a month later they are just gone and they never came back and that was summer before last! But maybe in your case its better to be safe then sorry.

I had the benign type in my tank. But their population got so large that they were covering the mushrooms on two entire rocks that were each the size of the football. You could barely see the mushroom flesh anymore -- it was just a sea of flatworms hanging out on the corals. The mushrooms started to stay closed and turn white, since they weren't getting much light anymore. It was strange because they were only on those two rocks, but I got those two rocks at the same time from the same store, so they must've been having an outbreak in their coral tank at the time. I had the rocks for years, and never saw flatworms on them. Then my leopard wrasse died, and they exploded all over these two rocks. :grumble: I'm guessing that the rocks had flatworms all along, but the leopard wrasse kept them in check for the 2+ years I had him. Then they took off when there was no one eating them anymore.

I did 10 times the recommended dose of Flatworm Exit on the box, and it still didn't kill them all. I ended up taking the rocks out and doing a freshwater dip on them.
I just bought a bunch of coral from a fish store that i usually do not buy from because they've always had a flatworm problem! I was so paranoid by the time they were done aclimating i ended up shaking them around in the water, then a freshwater dip, then another shake, then a second freshwater dip then a tird shake and then into the tank. after the first fresh water dip i didn't see any more of them...but better safe than sorry.