Flame Wrasse/Lineastus Wrase


Reefing newb
I have a 56 gallon saltwater reef tank. Right now i have 2 clowns, flame angel, and a brown powder tang (I know the tang will get to big for my tank I rescued him from a 10 gallon but when he get bigger I plan on selling/trading him) I plan on making my tank a Rare coral/ fish tank. Would a Super male and female flame/Lineastus Wrasse be a good fit for my tank? size of tank/tank mates? Which fish is more prized? kind of new at saltwater fish. Don't care about how much the fish is.
I don't think certain fish should be considered more "prized". I find that having fish that YOU like personally will pay off in the long run.

You can check out Live Aquaria for tank sizes for any fish your interested in.
Welcome to the site...I agree, find something that you like, and make it your prized fish. What I may consider a prize fish, you may not...and vice versa.
Hey thanks for the replies I'm plaing on getting a Supermale Lineastus Wrasse does anyone know where I can find one for sale? Will the supermale lose his color if he is without a female?
He might get a little dull, but that should change when you find a female. I highly suggest you get a properly sized tank for those guys if you are going to spend that much money on one.
Why are expensive fish always soo ugly?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder black is elegant :D



Sea dragons are protected by Australian law. Obtaining them is often an expensive and difficult process as they must be from captive bred stock, and exporters must prove their broodstock were caught before collecting restrictions went into effect, or that they had the correct licenses to collect them. To date, no successful, closed cycle, captive-breeding program has occurred (ie getting a generation of captive-raised sea dragons to breed). Sea dragons have a specific level of protection under fisheries legislation federally and in most Australian states where they occur, such that it is illegal to take or export them without a permit.