Fish Might Be Sick ?? Help Please

Sounds good! The problem with most butterflies is that they do well for a few months, and then go rapidly downhill. I personally believe its because they arent getting the correct foods. In the wild most butterflies eat corals, sponges and anemones, which we dont provide for them in our tanks.

Make sure you wait a few months before getting that goby!
Yeah im going to wait i just want something more to keep my sand bed aifted arround i dont want bad stuff getting created down there since i dont have a dsb i figured the goby some narrasis snails and maybe some kind of star fish
What would u guys recommend?
Get a bunch of nass snails, they are a critical part of any tank. They will help you maintain your sandbed. And brittle or serpent stars will be a great addition to your CUC, but I would avoid any other type of starfish for now. They are extremely delicate and wouldnt make it in your system right now.

You can add the snails and brittle/serpent stars right away because inverts dont count towards the biological load.
Ok sounds good i.have about 35 snails right now. How many should i get. ? And i seen a brittle start on the new live rock i got but he was small.
the micro brittle stars will stay that small, but the bigger ones are cool. You can hand feed them meaty stuff. Just stay away from the green ones, they are known as the green stars of death because they will actively hunt your fish once they get big (and they get HUGE!)

What types of snails do you have? You want a large variety, because they will all target a different area of the tank.
I have about 35 nassarious snails and 5 turbo snails theres a couple hermit crabs that came attached to the live rock also
I'd add in some cerith and nerite snails for more variety (10-15 each). I also have astraea and banded trochus in my tank as well. With the turbos, just keep an eye on them - if they get knocked over or fall over in an area of the tank where there isn't something to grab onto, they won't be able to right themselves and will need a little help from you - otherwise they are great to have in your tank! Sounds like you have enough nass snails for now. Oh, and I'd also add empty shells for your hermits - they'll probably still kill snails just for the fun of it, but at least it won't be because they don't have excess shells to choose from!
So i was go e for 3 days and my mom was fish sitting. In that time my cooperband died and it looks like the fish defenetly ha e ich. I went out and got this stuff called ich attack green bottle. Im hopping this helps. The fish are still eating like crazy. It looks like the tham sailfin is messing with the other fish couae there fins are bit and not his so i think im goi g to get rid of him. Nitrates are at about 15155 ppm nitrite and ammonia are at zero. Ph is at 8.0 so im not sure whats going on mayne its just thay fish picking on the rest streesing them out. Any other methods i can use to prevent them dying?
Ok so i read all tjat artical and my plans are as followed. Im going to treat with the ich attack if that do t work i will get a quarentine tank and treat the fish sepretly from the display tank and i will leave my diaplay tank with out fish for 8 weeks. Hopefully this works
Okay. Keep in mind that most people don't bother treating for ich. It is usually not problematic unless you have stressed fish, poor water quality, overstocking or other factors that make the tank unsuitable for the fish. If you improve all those things, I doubt you will lose fish to ich. Fixing those problems is much easier than setting up a quarantine tank and medicating all your fish for 8 weeks. If you do quarantine and treat your fish, you will have to do the same for any new fish that you add from here on out too, since any new fish will just re-introduce the ich back into your tank. Are you prepared to quarantine and treat every new fish for 8 weeks from here on out? You can quarantine and treat if you want, but many people on here have pointed out things with your tank that are causing your fish to be stressed and is making it an unhealthy environment for them. It is my personal opinion that your efforts would be better focused on fixing those things.
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Well i already started doinf water changes with ro/di water. As in my other post i already got more live rock. Im up to 140 lb of it now. Im doing water changes every other week i meant i think i am doing what everyone has said
You've definitely made great changes adding the rocks, using RO/DI, etc. I am wondering if all of the fish have ich, or only certain ones? Am I right that the fish you still have are 2 clowns, b/w heniochus, hippo tang, sailfin tang, and a butterfly? Knowing whether it is only certain fish or all of the fish will help us understand the situation better!
It seems that its all of them u can see it on there fins and only a little bit on the body. The sailfin its hard to tell but hes ben stoping by the blood shrimp for cleanings