First real salt water change. !!


Reefing newb
Did our first real saltwater change on the weekend. Went to the beach ( long long jetty ) bucketed 150l went home heated. Checked parameters of tank and water. Added some rodi ( salinity was high ) and it's now in the tank. Watching things very carefully but all looks good at the moment. But scary though. Didn't sleep all night worrying that I would get up and whole tank would be dead ! Lol
Is the box jellyfish the deadliest?
Irukandji Jellyfish
The Irukandji Jellyfish (Carukia barnesi) inhabits waters of Australia. This is a deadly jellyfish, which is only 2.5 centimeters (with bell and tentacles) in diameter, which makes it difficult to spot.
The Irukandji is believed to be the most venomous creature in the world
The term Irukandji refers to an Australian Aboriginal tribe that inhabited the Palm Cove region of northern Queensland where the Irukandji syndrome, produced by the irukandji stings poison, occurs most often.
This is a species of jellyfish that has been known about in recent years, due to deaths of swimmers in Australia. In 2002, Richard Jordon stung while swimming off the coast of de Hamilton. He was a British tourist 58 years old, unfortunately he died a few days later.
This species of deadly jellyfish is related to another deadly jellyfish, Meduse Della box.
The jellyfish itself was identified in 1964 by Dr. Jack Barnes.
Irukandji has stingers not only on its tentacles but also on its bell.
Irukandji is very small and fragile, it cannot be kept in a normal aquarium because if they hit the side the impact will kill it.
The first Irukandji jellyfish in captivity borned in Townsville.

Townsville Hospital Intensive Care Unit has discovered a remarkably simple yet effective treatment for the potentially fatal stings of the venomous irukandji jellyfish.
Dr. Corkeron has successfully treated patients with magnesium infusions delivered by intravenous drip. Doctors in Queensland say magnesium infusion can fight the jellyfish's lethal venom.
The treatment has been tested on pigs. Doctors have now reported success in humans.
Dr Michael Corkeron, director of intensive care at the state's Townsville Hospital, said:
"The remarkable thing is that magnesium infusion is a long-established, very safe and inexpensive treatment."
Townsville Hospital Contact: For Australia: In a life threatening emergency DIAL 000 for Fire, Police & Ambulance Services in Australia., November 30, 2007 )

Fool's Gold movie delayed for Irukandji jellyfish in 2007.
In an episode of CSI New York 4x08, Buzzkill.
OMG. You guys are awful. Mean mean mean !!! I didn't think of jelly fish. !!!! I am terrified now. Didn't sleep 1 night here comes another couple !!! Are you all serious or just being shit stirrers ???
I live right by the beach in Long Island NY....could I use sea water....seriously?
don't want to be at a heavy populated beach and u want to go as far out as possible. We went to the end of a very long jetty Men were fishing and catching so we figured if there is fish to catch then water must be ok for our fish. Make sure it hasn't rained beforehand Not near an inlet and away from boat ramp. Then all good. Tank seems to be enjoying. Particularly the corals. Lots of natural food source in fresh water.