Fire Shrimp Killed My Damsel


Reefing newb
Alright, so the other day I went to my local saltwater fish store and looked around for a new addition to my tank. My wife found a beautiful bright red fire shrimp, full grown size, and wanted it. So I spoke to the employee and asked how it acts to other shrimp, fish, etc.

First let me say, I am a noob. I have a 10 gallon Saltwater tank with live rock and a clownfish. I have 10 hermit crabs, 5 snails, and two peppermint shrimp. All my levels have been stable and I haven't had any problems with my Salinity.

I put the fire shrimp in my tank (following the according guidlines of allowing the shrimp to acclimate itself to the water in the tank) and he explored the tank.

A day or two later, my wife bought a black damsel, and a chocolate chip starfish (both I know nothing about, because before I buy something I ask questions or do some research.)

Yesterday at work my wife tells me that the fire shrimp is attacking the damsel, and is on top of the starfish, then I got a text message telling me the damsel is dead.

Can I get some insight as to why this happened? Today at work she called me and told me that the starfish is dead as well and is ripped apart (i dont know if that is true, but that is just what she told me)

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated, as long as it is informative and not just you being a dick. I am trying to learn as much as possible.
I believe Fire Shrimp will clean fish that allow it so that might have been the initial "attack". Cleaning up a dead fish can look an awful lot like killing one too. Totally circumstantial evidence, your Honor.

Sounds like there's an issue with acclimation or your water if both new arrivals died.

I would stress to your wife the importance of research before purchases. I usually wait a week before buying anything I don't know about, to research it and let the "OOoooh!!" factor wear off as well.
+2 Dennis... fire shrimps won't attack a healthy fish, nor a healthy, shrimp eating starfish. How did you/ your wife acclimate the new additions?