Female clown acting strange


Northern Reefer
So I just got a pair of black and white clowns that were paired up. Parameters are as follows: AM: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 0, Phosphate: 0, Salinity: 1.025, Temp: 79

I have a carbon reactor, protein skimmer and 2 Tunze powerheads running at 700GPH each

they eat like pigs but recently she has been laying on the bottom in the front right corner, not on her side but on her belly and not breathing hard at all. Then I noticed the male is laying on top of her while she is sitting there???

are they mating or hosting the sandbed?
My missed bar clown in my sump does this too for months now. She made a little nest in the sand bed and gets hyper when i am near her. I really dont think its anything, maybe came from a glass container?
Clown fish are extremely weird. Its just their "thing". As long as they are eating fine, then there shouldnt be too much else to worry about!
Does this happen during the day lights hours of the tank? Or Actinics? Or Moonlights? She could just be making up a bed for the night. If they were mating, you'd see them picking at a flat piece of rock (Cleaning it). She'd also be very bloated right now, like a little pot bellied clown. A couple of my regular ocellaris clowns tend to do that in their nets. They get into a corner, and lay down right before lights out. And, they tend to stay there all night till the lights come on lol. Clownfish... well, are clowns :)
No it's in the morning...the male gets really close to her face then shakes sometimes

They are weird lol, I did save them from a LFS though... The female had a parasite and fin rot and I was like hell no lol

Bought them and she already got rid of the parasite and her fins look better