Reefing newb
I've been told a bunch of things about feedings. Once a day once every other day.....what are your thoughts? Does It depend on the type of tank? I've got a 56 gallon reef. With clowns wrasse fish, firefish and a coral beauty. I've been doing every other day? Is that ok, or should I be doing once a day?
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Hmmm... I'm sure some fish enjoy the reefer feeling them every day or every other day.
But for me that is kinda too personal. I give the fish their personal space and I don't invade it.
Whatever works best while at the same time keeps your water in check. If you start seeing nitrates go up and algae go up, you're feeding too much. Others whose tanks are very established feed once a month. I feed once a day, but skipping a day here and there. Some split the feedings into 2 smaller ones. It's literally whatever works for you and your fish.
+1 wonton, the only reason i feed my fish every day is because of my Mandarin, since i lack pods in my tank he needs to be well nourished. Since im feeding him i also feed my other fish. All frozen food and all spot fed they eat right from the baster. The result- happy, fat, demanding fish!
Personally, I suggest feeding your fish once daily. As long as you're performing weekly water changes, the water parameters should remain stable. If not, you can increase water changes, or decrease feedings to every other day.
Once a day or once every other day is fine. You can do it either way. I think for your tank (because of the wrasse and the angel) I'd prefer once a day unless there are algae or water quality problems.
I feed my fish twice a day, but the amounts are small. More like two snacks rather then one meal.

But, my lion has his own schedule, that he makes lol. I usually wait for him to bug me for food, spitting, hanging around the top of the tank, or just overly eyeballing everyone lol.