Dry Food Vs. Frozen Food


For the most part frozen is all I use but I have been wondering lately if there were any dry foods out there that could replace the use of frozen food or is frozen kind of the best option?

The only frozen food I feed now is LRS Reef frenzy and Fish Frenzy.I believe is the cleanest frozen food available.I use to use a variety especially Rod's Food which is messy in comparison.

Twice a week frozen and the rest a variety of sinking pellets from Coral Frenzy,New Life Spectrum and Fauna Marin.What the fish don't eat sinks to the bottom where the nassarius snails,ceriths,sexy shrimps and fire shrimps take care of any leftovers.Those pellets make great LPS foods as well.Maybe in the past but I don't buy into pellets adding any more phosphate then frozen.Anything left to decay will cause phosphate.With all that said,I still wouldn't use flake foods.
Ditto. Reef Frenzy for the win. Every night.

And the occasional cyclopeeze cubes for the filter feeders since the Reef Frenzy is so chunky and clean.
Also for the filter feeders/corals i feed Oyster Feast.

Sometimes i use New Era marine pellets in addition to the above. Pretty good stuff.
I have been keeping an eye out for a quality frozen food for my FOWLR tank, I am going to get the Fish Frenzy and from what all I have read should be the only food I get from now on!