Drain "cover"/case/whatever its called?


Reefing newb
I need a quick answer here. My 90 is drilled slightly off center and runs a durso drain. Surrounding this area is a plastic "cover". It hides the drain, acts as the overflow area, whatever. I don't know how else to describe it. Anyway, I am wondering if it can be removed while the system is running. Not the drain pipe, but the cover/case/enclosure.

Incase you are wondering, why..... my tank is nearly over run with copper penny palyos. Hate the damn things and the are attached to this enclosure (as well as every other thing in the tank) and I want to clean them off and clean the inside of the drain area while I'm at it. (Yes, I know about the dangers of these things.) Once I get the non rock attachments I'm going to start swapping out rock little by little and attempt to get these things out of my tank or at least under control.

If only I could find some Sun Dial snails I'd let them have at it! I can't find any online or elsewhere.
It is called an overflow. No, you can not remove it as it is siliconed in place. It would also throw off your overflow as you set your Durso to the level you want it at to keep up with your return pump.