dragon face pipefish


Octopus Wizard
ok so im gonna list what i have and what i plan to put in my tank. ive been reasearching about the dragon face pipefish the basics and junk so can you guys tell me if my tank is gonna be ok.
heres the stuff i have in my tank:
1 yellow tang
3 damsels they are strangly very peaceful with other fish
1 scooter dragonet
1 small torch frag
about 20 pounds of rock
a 50 gal tank
one highoutput t5 4 foot fixture
a low to medium current and a semi thick sandbed

am i gonna be ok with a dragon face pipefish?
Yellow Tangs can be aggressive. That would be my concern. Also what's your food/feeding plan? I think pipefish are slow eaters and might not be competitive enough for the food in a tank with Damsels and a Tang.
when i put a cube of like 500 mysids the damsels eat 10 shrimp each my tang dosent eat any and my picks off the leftovers. i think it wont starve
The pipefish will be very timid in a somewhat aggressive tank, and will not come out to eat, they are just like seahorses.
as i said most of my fish are very peacful. for instance i have half inch scooter blenny and they dont pick on him at all
Shoot winyfrog a PM she has pipefish and could probably give you some good advice. Pipefish and Seahorses are tough and require a lot of extra work, that's why we all stray away from them, even though we think they're cool and intriguing.