Dr. Tims One and Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria


Do Not Listen To Me!!!
Ok so I posted about this a while ago and if I remember there were many bashers and people who just think it is another so called "Product that doesn't work"

I personally have 2 bottles in my fridge waiting for my new tank so I can get it going in days.

I just came back from the Georgia Aquarium a few weeks ago and did go to the New Dolphin Show where they used this same product to get this exhibit open faster than waiting for the water to get ready to old slow way.

Here is the link and between 1:00-1:15 you will see they use the One and Only. I got this link in an e-,ail from Dr. Tims.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3P-enmYiaUI]YouTube - ‪Life Support Systems: Water Quality Beneath the Surface‬‏[/ame]

So hopefully this will prove to all the nay sayers the product works as advertised. and I am telling others here about it.
Sure bro, there are quite a few things out there that can set up the cycle faster. There are cycles that I have seen only take a week.
There are products that work fine. I used Bio-spira (i think) from instant ocean when i set mine up.I added it along with 2 damsels( I know I know but i didn,t then) Tested daily for three weeks and nothing of a cycle what so ever. Then i got a shipment of live rock and added it to the tank. That live rock had considerable die off in shipment. So I added another bottle of Bio-spira. Tested daily for the next two months with no cycle what so ever.After that I had a rise in nitrates and phosphates, but that was from over feeding. So yes there are products that work and help out with your cycles. That's my :twocents::twocents:.
I believe that the Bio-spira was developed from the same guy back in the day.

He then made his own company and is doing quite well.

He always talks directly to you when you email them and even sent my the ammonia for me to do a fishless cycle for when I start my new tank.

He is a real nice guy and smart as well. He has been studying this stuff for longer than I have been alive and discovered it was the wrong bacteria they used to say did the cycling and I think that is where the Bio-spira came from. Not 100% but pretty sure.

You can see them using it in the Georgia Aquarium not once but many times for all their stuff.