Dr. Foster & Smith - First Order/Last Order


Reefing newb
So...I've been waiting over a week to get my brand new Nova Extreme Light...a few days ago I was told it had been "lost in the mail"..."we'll send another out right away"...

Today I receive my shipment from FedEx and opening it up I am so excited to see that all of the bulbs made it safely...however, as I begin to unpackage it further, I see a scratch on the front of it...first it looks like some of the foam packaging material rubbed on it so I tried to rub it off...NOPE, its a full fledged scratch...then, as I look closer on the top towards the backend I see a discoloration...looking closer, there was obviously a deeper scratch that looks like someone took finger nail polish or something too it...it doesn't even match the black color of the rest of the light and is so obvious its ridiculous

I am besides myself that this company would send out a blemished piece of crap to someone...what the hell else are they sending out second hand?...maybe they use their lightbulbs for a few weeks at a time and then ship them to their customers?

This is the first order AND LAST order I will ever place with this piece of crap company...granted they are sending a new replacement which is supposed to be here Saturday...I have absolutely no trust in the quality of product that they would ever send out...what a joke :pissed:
I have ordered from them 6 times and gotten my order in 2 days each time.

I have ordered Nova Extreme T5s 3 times and they have all come in excelent condition.

Their customer service has also been great.

Think what you want, but I think you just hit a bad one.
Hate to hear about your troubles with the 2 docs.
Hopefully they'll get it resolve pretty quick and you'll get the product you paid for.
OK...so I vented too soon...F&S is making it up to me...I discovered that there is a Nova Extreme "Pro" version light as well (6 tubes versus 4)...they are letting me send this damaged one back and are giving me a substantial discount on upgrading to the "Pro" version...I stand corrected on F&S...it was just so damn frustrating that I had to vent though...it was like the Marine Reef Aquarium Gods just did NOT want me to get a light and now I think I will be even happier going with the "Pro" verison with LOTS more light and cooling of the lamps (two fans versus one)

sigh...a bit embarrased...can I delete a thread :)
You didnt do anything that any of the rest of aint never done.:mrgreen:
Were all prone to get a POed and jump the gun at times.

You'll like those lights.I bought the 8 bulb Nova last year.Its a great light.But from what I've read,the pro has my fixture beat hands down.
I'm sorry to hear of your troubles with Foster Smith. But I'm glad to hear that they treated you right on the exchange and cut you a deal on the upgrade. To me, that shows good customer service.

I've always had good luck with Foster Smith. I bought quite a few dry goods from them when I was first starting out. I would have bought my light and refugium from them too, but they didn't carry what I wanted.
Drs. Foster and Smith has always voluntarily made it up to me anytime there has been a problem with an order. They have applied free credit to my account, refunded shipping along with shipping new item shipping free, and even let me keep defective items along with sending a free replacement. They have even upgraded the shipping method when they had to drop ship and or back order. Marine Depot is the only other large outlet that has treated me so well. However some of the best service has come from the small out fits like glass-holes.com.
they have allways had great customer service on everything I have ordered. they are by far my favorite place to order from online. sometimes I order from them even if they are a little higher than someone else (which is rare) because I know If there are any problems with the product, they will take care of it for me.