Do I Need Copepods & Amphipods?
Do I Need Copepods & Amphipods?
What are those bugs in my Saltwater Aquarium?
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The easiest way to determine if you have them already in your tank is to cover a flashlight with a red balloon and with the lights out in your tank and in the room, shine the light onto the rock work of your tank!! If it is crawling with small shrimp like creatures - you are GOOD. If not, be the Tank Hero and order some now!!

We now include a RED balloon with EVERY pod order so you can track your pod population growth!!

Perhaps you are wondering why you would want bugs in your tank.

Here are some of the top reasons BUGS are GOOD!

1. Fish and Corals LOVE them!! Not just Mandarins and Sea Horses - but Clown fish, Damsels, Tangs, Triggers, Sun Corals, Mushrooms, Anemones and so many more!!!

2. They are an Essential part of the Clean Up Food Chain!! They eat all things DISGUSTING!!

3. By reducing waste and detritus particulate size to a microscopic level, you are removing unwanted waste naturally!!

What are Copepods?

Wikipedia states - Copepods are a group of small crustaceans found in the sea and nearly every freshwater habitat. Many species are planktonic (drifting in sea waters), but more are benthic (living on the ocean floor).
The type of copepods we have are benthic - which is great for a refugium or tank with live rock.
What are Amphipods?

Amphipods can be distinguished from copepods as able to seen at a distance.
Amphipods range in size from 5-10mm, where as copepods range from 1-3mm.
In our aquaria, amphipods are typically part of the cleanup crew. In addition, they are good food for whatever fish can catch them. Altogether they are a beneficial and interesting component of our systems' fauna.

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Jim E from Ohio said this "This was a great buy, and I could not be more pleased. The pack had visible amphipods of all sizes, and I didn't even find one that had died during transit. That I could even make out a few copepods, told me there were hundreds more. If you follow the directions for introduction into your tank and you have lots of places for the pods to hide in, you'll find they distribute themselves quickly. I would definitely order again - my Mandarin couldn't be more pleased as well."​

Steven of Texas said this - "Wonderful. Teeming with life. We put 500 in our refugium last month. I pulled some of the filter floss and put it on a towel. The pods were everywhere. So I put it back. Simply Outstanding."