DIY 10g Frag Tank/QT - CHEAP!

I wanted to add a project I did a couple of years ago. I think this could be helpful to many as its cheap, easy and versatile. This could be used as a nano frag tank or a qt. I have personally made several of these using both 10g and 20g. Because this DIY project was several years ago, I will do my best to recount all the steps. Im hoping the pics will be pretty self explanatory. I apologize for the dirty tank, lol. Ok materials needed are:

10g glass aquarium
¼” acrylic (black or clear will work)
Maxi Jet 900 powerhead
100% Silicone
Weld-On 4

If you divide the tank into 4 parts, you are going to section off ¼ of the tank for filtration. Measure the inside depth (front to back) of the tank (should be about 10”). Then measure the height from bottom to under the top plastic frame (about 11 ¾”). This will be the dimensions of the large divider (baffle if you will) cut from ¼” acrylic.

Place this baffle approximately 4” from one side of the tank. This will enclose ¼ of the tank. If everything fits ok, next you will cut the overflow teeth. You will want to cut teeth in ¼” increments, 1” in height, 6” across starting from one side of the baffle. Do not start in the center.

Next you are going to cut a second baffle for the return pump (Maxi Jet). This will be 1” shorter than the first baffle and 4” wide. Using the Weld-On 4, you will attach this to the first baffle in a “T”. Make sure to flush the tops so there is a 1” difference at the bottom. You are creating 2 compartments. Water will enter the first thru the overflow teeth (this is where you can keep Cheato and rock rubble for pods) and flow down thru the 1” gap at the bottom and up to the Maxi Jet (this will also house your heater).

Next you will want to drill a hole for the Maxi Jet outlet. I used a ½” drill bit but you should drill a test hole to make sure your pump fits snuggly into the hole. This will also be holding the pump in place so you don’t want it to fall out. I drilled my hole 4 ¼” from the top of the baffle. Make sure you dry fit the pump and heater before drilling. Centering the hole may not allow enough room for the heater.

Silicone the “T” unit to the aquarium and let dry for 24 hours.


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Thanks mwreefs! I was looking for something to use as a qt tank that didn't take up much room. This should be easy & cheap enough for my budget.