DeLucs' BioCube 14 Build

so i was looking a my ric rock today and i noticed a feather looking thing, i took a pic and was wondering if some can tell me what it is. feather duster?

its right in the center of the pic, best shot i could get sorry.

so i decided today to try and frag my first coral, a ricordea. theres so many on this rock, and so i thought ill frag one of the ones on the bottom. no one will see it anyways and i wanted to try and frag something, so why not!

this was only part of the rock. 6x rics in that one pic


my little frag, hope she survives! i glued her down, but decided to tie her down just incase.


and just for the hell of it, and cuz i dont think i actually posted one. FTS!!

Hey everybody! its been a while since ive updated my thread. super busy with work. the tank hasnt changed much, but i have added a few frags over the past couple weeks. added a pipe coral the green zoa frags yesterday, their small but i got both for only $5. so i thought cant go wrong.



also got this mushroom about 2 weeks ago, not sure what its called but got this for 10$. it got amazing colours.

i do believe that shroom is called an elephant ear mushroom, my roommate has 2 and they are both huge, i have one in my fish only tank b/c it was half the size of my 10g reef tank. i've read that they can get pretty massive tho. oh and not sure of their size, but my roommate's are about the size of a dinner plate on the big one and a cereal bowl on the smaller one.