Deep Sea biotope aquarium

Hippocampus kuda

Reefing newb
I have recently read an article about a company who was planning to create a tourist attraction that was near the ocean shore which is a public aquaria emphasizing deep sea creatures as their main attraction. The article stated that the aquarium would be dome-shaped and the place would be very dark (I wondered how would the visitors actually see whats inside the exhibits). Some of the life-supporting equipment/systems were: water chillers, power generators, high-pressure water systems, ozonizers, sterilizers, calcium reactors, nitrogen monitors and strong filters. Some of the marine creatures that they were planning to add to the exhibit were deep sea isopods, anglerfish, viperfish, nautilus, jellyfish, some cephalopods..... (I forgot the others). The article also stated that they had some complicated method in order to transport their 'main attractions' safely to the exhibit without killing it. One thing is that they would be using submarines to capture their inhabitants. I wonder if this ambitious project would be implemented...... :) :question: :dunno: :dunno: :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:
Hello fellow flippy (although I'm states-side)! Is this place being built in the Philippines? How old are you? LOL

Anyway, hope you got through the New Years fireworks in tact ;) Ah, the smog from the fireworks! Miss it!
Although anything is possible, I have a hard time seeing this project work. It'll be next to impossible to catch live deepwater fish in a submarine, in the open, dark abyss...and then transporting them to the surface for our viewing. Good luck to them tho.